Furniture, mirrors, sanitaryware & baths.

Essence main image

Essence provides both convenience and comfort. The look, design and functionality deliver elegance and practicality in equal measure to help you in creating your own space.

essence duck egg blue cabinet
essence matt stone face on

Essence Furniture

Essence furniture comes in a range of soft, warm colours
and can be paired with a variety of sanitaryware styles.

Pastel Perfection

Essence has choice of three warm, soft pastel colours to create your own welcoming and calming bathroom space.
The drawer and shelf combination provide various combinations of storage for your bathroom items.

Essence Sanitaryware

For comfort and convenience.
Our comfort height design on both the close coupled and back to wall pans offer a more relaxed and convenient experience.

essence basin and bidet
essence semi recessed basin
essence btw and bidet
essence freestanding bath side on

Essence Baths

Clean, modern lines and a luxurious, lustrous finish makes Essence the perfect centrepiece for a stunning bathroom scheme, whether contemporary or classic in style.

essence freestanding bath top down

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