What makes Imex Sanitaryware so special?

Stylish, modern and elegant we have an extensive array of storage units available in various different sizes as well as a vast choice of colours and finishes.
Ideal for storing all of your bathroom essentials.
Our storage cabinets come in a variety of different styles and blend perfectly into your bathroom surrounding.

Rimless Design

The Rimless design removes the inner lip of conventional toilet designs to prevent bacteria build up and results in a more hygienic and efficient flush.

Comfort Height

Our comfort height toilets are a little bit taller than conventional pans and are ideal for those with limited mobility or who simply want a more relaxed experience.

We also produce short projection pans for those with limited space.

Easy Cleaning

Anti-bacterial, easy clean glaze as standard.

All Imex sanitaryware features our easy clean glaze, which adds a layer of glassy material to the conventional glazed surface, so dirt does not stick and just flushes away.

We also add silver ions to the finish which have anti-bacterial properties so the pan is more hygienic and stays fresher for longer.

3M Glaze

easy cleaning sanitaryware
imex eco flush

Our ‘Eco flush’ setting uses just 2.6/4 litres of water, which helps you reduce your water consumption without compromising the effectiveness of the flush.
This not only saves you money but also uses less of the environments precious resource.

denotes Eco flush product

9 Litre standard toilet flush.
6 Litre CE (European) regulations.
4 Litre Imex water saving Eco flush.

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