Senso Smart Touch Free Wave Flush Wall Hung Cistern Frame with White Glass Finish



Senso Smart Touch Free Wave Flush Wall Hung Cistern Frame with White Glass Finish

*Please Note – these are only suitable for wall hung pans


  • 3 year guarantee against manufacturing defects
  • Dual Flush cistern
  • Safety Glass with Anti Shatter Film
  • Easy Installation and Servicing




Aftercare guide Installation guide

Virtual Showroom

The Imex Virtual Showroom Experience is a very exciting tool to assist in bringing a bathroom design idea from concept to reality.

When entering our virtual environment on any smart device, you will be able to explore our stunning collection of Imex products.

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Features and Benefits

By adopting a new ultra-thin structure design, the seat’s over overall thickness is reduced to less than 45mm and a single layer is only 12mm.

The Imex Smart Toilet design also has easy quick release and installation when the seat is positioned at 90 degrees, making it easy to clean.

smart washing
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Rear wash, Woman wash and Comfort wash functions.

arc shape sprayer
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    Arc shape sprayer

For the most efficient cleaning angle.

self cleaning sprayer
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    Self Cleaning Sprayer

Detachable sprayer that self-cleans before and after each use.

soft closing seat
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    Soft closing seat

The seat cover closes quietly

night light
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    Night light

Lights up at night

fast drying
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    Fast drying

Adjustable temperature to meet your personal preference.

instant heating
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    Instant Heating

1500W instant heater with adjustable temperature provides a relaxing washing experience.

  • null

A 9 minute descaling program is designed to remove limescale inside the water tubes.

  • null

Built in fan removes odours to ensure your bathroom always smells fresh.

  • null

When seated, the bowl of the toilet is automatically pre-misted to prevent stains and ensure a more efficient flush.

pre-mist 2

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