Imex - A company introduction

We are a global business integrating product design, research and development, manufacturing and marketing of sanitaryware.
An award winning business with over 100 patents for design innovation.
We serve both commercial and retail markets.
A practical, affordable and lifestyle focused sanitaryware solution.
Devoted to our mission to turn bathrooms into personal living spaces.

A Company history


Imex was established


registration of the Imex brand

imex china warehouse

our first sanitaryware production facility became operational

arco old roomset

our first European style collection, Arco, is launched


our second sanitaryware production facility became operational  

Imex Logo

Imex UK was established


our Bathroom Furniture Production Facility became operational

imex state of the art factory

we opened our Product Design & Research Centre

imex china warehouse

construction of a third state-of-the-art factory commenced, costing 43 million USD

Imex production facility

our newly installed automated production line began operations

Automated Manufacturing

Since our inception in 1994, lmex has constantly evolved as a result of our attention to technological innovations. Now in the companies 4.0 era, lmex has upgraded to automated manufacturing with the help of state-of-the-art equipment. We use robots to do the casting, glazing and relocation of products. This improves safety conditions for our workers, ensures consistent high quality of products and maximises our efficiency. We are ready to respond to increasingly complex and global needs.

Green Factory

At Imex we are always looking to reduce our emissions, energy usage and carbon footprint, doing our bit to help preserve the environment.
We fulfil our commitment to creating a cleaner world by utilizing green technology such as wastewater treatment, flue-dust collecting systems, solar panels and more.

Once our new and improved factory is complete, we expect the following eco and energy saving benefits:


  • Energy consumption will be 291kgce/t, lower than the industry benchmark of 300kgce/t
  • Solar panels installed to save electricity.
  • Carbon dioxide emissions reduced by 7,370 tonnes a year.
  • $3.2 million invested to build two desulfurization systems to reduce sulphur dioxide and nitrogen oxide emissions.
  • Our 2.1MW coal fired boilers were replaced with high efficiency gas fired boilers, reducing our coal use by 1,100 tonnes.
  • New energy saving kilns not only help us to keep our green promises, but can also lower the cost of each kg of ceramics by 8% compared with traditional kilns.

Save Money, Save Water, Save The Planet

imex eco flush

Our ‘Eco flush’ setting uses just 2.6/4 litres of water, which helps you reduce your water consumption
without compromising the effectiveness of the flush.

This not only saves you money but also uses less of the environments precious resource.

9 Litre standard toilet flush.
6 Litre CE (European) regulations.
4 Litre Imex water saving Eco flush.